Guy's Girl



'Guy's Girl' highlights how female DJ’s are represented in London’s predominantly male music scene. Featuring interviews with DJ's A.G., Pussy Palace, Sicaria Sound, Jossy Mitsu, Danielle and FOOZOOL who all share their unique opinions on being a female in the industry, it aims to provide a more personal perspective for what it's like for women on the other side of the decks.


A young woman called Amy steals the identity of high earning CEO Suzanne. While taking on Suzanne’s identity, Amy discovers that all of Suzanne’s colleagues partook in her murder in order to climb the career ladder.


Shot, directed, edited and produced: Leah Rustomjee

Producer: Tali Ramsey


Written, Produced, Directed and Styling: Tali Ramsey

Videographer: Giulia Legora

Actress: Eleanora Morgan

I interviewed Nihal Tharoor, Founder and CEO of Electric Noir Studios about their new interactive crime drama, Dead Man’s Phone. The interactive mobile crime drama puts the player in the position of a policeman assigned to solve a murder using the murder victim’s mobile phone. The game was recently nominated for BAFTA Mobile Game of the Year 2020 award. 

I interviewed Tim Reichel, a student living in Berlin studying English as well as Media and Communications. His studies focus on diversity and culture and he recognises that there is currently a paradigm shift where diversity is becoming a focal point in our culture. We discuss how power dynamics influence cultural processors and the importance of diversity in innovation.